Welcome to Art of Birthing

Birth is a time of transformation and celebration .
A time of conflicted feelings dancing between joy and excitement and fear and anxiety. Birth brings change and therefore resistance and desire. Desire for change, expansion and movement to the next stage of life and simultaneously resistance to changing too much!

I have designed Art of Birthing  as a unique course designed to take you and your partner (or just you) through the dance of transformation to the birth of your new family in a way that is fun , explorative, family focused, meditative, confidence building and uniquely suited to each couple as you go at your own pace and in your own way.

Services Offered

Private Midwifery

I take 4-6 clients a month offering a midwife led birth either at home or hospital. I am currently using Vincent Pallotti and Constantiaberg as private hospital backup otherwise home-births and a provincial hospital for those without medical aid.

Newborn Baby Program

Managing the first 6-12 weeks of baby adjustment. This involves receiving a 6 week guide to newborn behaviours and 4 postnatal support visits at weekly or fortnightly intervals to weigh baby and discuss concerns around baby and postnatal adjustment / integration.

Birth Coaching Program

This involves working through a program designed to prepare you emotionally for birth and parenting. After each module a coaching session using a combination of family constellations and soul integration facilitation to get more clarity and connection to yourself / partner / baby in preparation for birth and parenting.

Placenta Specialist

I offer placenta encapsulation which involves dehydrating and encapsulating your placenta for the many post partum recovery benefits such as increased vitality, improved milk production and faster healing.

The Art of Birthing Integration Package

For my birthing clients I am offering a package that includes all the programmes so there is total support and integration of the birthing experience.