Baby Program


This is an extension of the coaching program where there is continued support and care through the integration period of 2-12 weeks post birth.

I supply a newborn guide of what to expect for the first six weeks of babyhood around newborn behaviours – feeding styles – comfort measures etc.

I then do four postnatal visits to your home in the 12 week period – so you have continuity of care and support during the adjustment period rather than having to drive a newborn around to busy clinics. You could have weekly , fortnightly or monthly depending on your needs.

This can be as helpful to first time moms as to moms with toddlers .

Discussions would be around weight / feeding / sleep patterns / concerns / expectations /what to expect in next month.

There is also time and space to share your feelings /concerns/challenges around mothering and strategies for coping or improving difficult situations.

There would also be a 2nd booklet at 6 weeks outlining the behaviours expected from 6 to 12 weeks.


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