Birth Classes


The birth preparation training has been divided into two components as we have two parts of ourselves that have different needs and wants and ways of learning.

Our minds need knowledge, our bodies need support, reassurance and confidence. Our minds tend to favour the logical approach of what to expect and how can we prepare for the unexpected.

My weekend course favors this approach and will give you all the information and practicalities that are needed for this magical journey. I am a birthing midwife so am able to give very practical advice and guidance on what to expect and how to cope with the labour process and the first few weeks of parenthood.

The weekend course is a practical building block for the optional 2nd half of the course which has a more emotional flavour in line with the more subconscious bodies way of doing things and approaches the whole birth journey from a different angle which inspires body confidence and reassurance.

This part of the course is a set of four modules which is designed to look at your conditioning around birth and how that will be influencing your birth choices and ways to work with that. It also looks at fears a little more closely and ways of being supported. These modules you will work with on your own but there will be two sharing circles where we would come together and share and work through different exercises enhancing our capacity to trust our bodies innate intelligence.



The Birthing Circle

The Birthing Circle is the first sharing circle where we will discuss the relevance of conditioning to the birth field. There will be various exercises to assist in supporting and building confidence around the birth experience.

The Mothering Circle

The Mothering Circle is a sharing circle about 2-3 weeks after the Birthing Circle for the women only. Here there will be a deeper sharing of what it means to be a mother and how we can be supported and cared for in this life changing experience. We will use various exercises and modalities to deepen this experience at a visceral level.

This is a progressive journey from basic information and knowledge to a deeper more embodied experience which will enable you to easily embrace and surrender to this magnificent Journey of Birth.

Just as labour moves from the beginning light and exciting to deeper layers of surrendering and experiencing until you have your baby in your arms, so too will this journey take you through the various levels to deeper enrichment.