Pre Birth Mentoring


This is a new programme I am offering and I am interested to watch what impact it will have on the birthing field. I have been in private practice for over 20 years and women birth beautifully when they are able to trust themselves and their babies. So the one aspect of this programme is for those women who are planning a natural birth and the use of this programme is to maximize their connection with themselves and their bodies and to explore their programming around birth and the attitudes they are coming from and how this impacts on their potential experience. There are also exercises to mindfully prepare them for a positive experience.

It is my belief that the emotional preparation of these processes will allow them to deeply surrender and trust the birth process.

The second aspect of this programme is for all women who are birthing at this stage, no matter what the circumstances are around your birth.

You may be having an elective cesarean because of twins or a placenta praevia or a complication of some sort. You need just as much support if not more as you face your unique concerns and fears around your birth. Each birth is precious and unique and this course is really about that – connecting with the uniqueness of each baby / each family and each situation.

It is a real opportunity to explore and expand on the emotional reality and preparation for this baby regardless of the type of birth this baby has chosen.

The medical model of care is not very nurturing as the focus is very medical and technical and problem orientated which does not build confidence.

This programme offers all women an opportunity to share the excitement and reality of their baby and their unique circumstances in a way that is very nurturing and supportive of this new role and new family being created or added to.

After each module there is a 1-3 hour coaching session around what has come up in the module and ways of exploring / integrating or assimilating the information gathered – mostly using family constellation and/or soul integration facilitation.

Art of Birth Programme

There are 4 modules (4 sessions) following the introductory meeting and issue of the first module. 

Module One

This explores your own birth and what your unique combination of experiences are bringing to this birth.

Module Two

Explores the family traditions and birth culture this baby will be born into and what that means for you as a new family.

Module Three

Exploring both your fears and desires around the birth and parenting using different exercises.

Module Four

Exploring the support structures, both what is needed and what is available to assist with this transformational phase.