Family Constellations


This is a body of work brought to the world by Bert Helinger who was a German missionary stationed at Kwazulu-Natal working amongst the Zulu people. He was fascinated by their connection to their ancestors and how that impacted on their daily lives. Once back in Germany, he incorporated this connection with other modalities and family constellation was born.

This is an interesting body of work interacting with the morphic fields we are connected to via our ancestral lineage. This work has evolved over time from classic family constellations looking at the flow of love and connection through the family lines and where it has got entangled or enmeshed due to different events or traumatic experiences; through to embracing systemic systems and how things relate to each other.

Through constellation work, there is an opportunity to step back and take a look at the dynamics that are playing out in your morphic fields whether familial or systemic.

Through constellation, it is possible to look at what is being brought to the birthing field, what needs to be seen and acknowledged, what has been ignored, hidden or just not seen and in that acknowledgement things can change. There is increased clarity, understanding and often more empathy which effectively changes the dynamics by highlighting an aspect or piece of the puzzle not seen before.

I have found constellation work incredibly accurate at highlighting dynamics playing out and in the process of seeing, significant shifts and adjustments are made in the field changing your experience of it. For this reason constellation work can be useful in the birthing field.


Concepts to look at would be things like:

  • The babies place in the family especially if there are siblings from one parent or there have been losses before this pregnancy.
  • Overinvolved Parents (grandparents) where the need for space is felt by the new couple.
  • To look at the inner aspects where there is anxiety around the birth versus the aspect that has confidence and increase the resonance between the two.
  • Anxiety or Resistance around Medical Interventions.