As a private midwife my basic philosophy is that birth is a physiological process wired into all women as part of our female biological makeup. We have lost touch with our natural instincts to a large extent due to social conditioning but given enough space and trust in the natural processes of life we can reconnect to them and follow those natural impulses. As a midwife my job is primarily to create a place of safety and trust to allow the woman to relax and surrender to her bodies primal urges in the birthing arena with confidence. We always have the technical experience of the obstetricians as backup in the wings should it be required so there is a safety net in place. I believe in women and their incredible capacity and power to birth their babies as I have seen them do it time and time again.

As with all physiological processes there is always pathological potential so I am very aware and respectful of the process and when it is appropriate to allow more time and when it is necessary to intervene on the mothers or baby’s behalf and this is the delicate dance of the midwife.

Birth is a beautiful process culminating in that very first meeting and greeting of the new born as it emerges into the world and I am so grateful for the privilege I have of witnessing this priceless moment over and over again regardless of the journeys outcome whether at home by candlelight or embraced by the sea of love dressed in the blue-green drapes in theater, the meeting universally is priceless.

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Muizenberg Practice

141 Main Road Muizenberg: Blue building next to the corner surf shop. Mostly Monday and Thursday Mornings. Tuesday afternoons.

Oranjezicht Practice

3a Montrose Road Oranjezicht. Entrance in Hilton Road, 2nd Gate. I share a room with Gayle Friedman on alternate Friday mornings while she does pregnancy yoga. Times 09:30 – 13h00.

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