Soul Integration


This is a body of work started by Chris Griscom and taught to me by Robyn Sheldon who has been working with this modality for the past 15 years.

This is a unique way of working with the emotional body using a facilitated guided meditation technique.

Access to the emotional body is invaluable in releasing holding patterns, shifting blockages and seeing relating patterns and positions.

By having a different vantage point and body experience it is possible to gain a different perspective and from there change ones lived experience.

There are a number of sessions available that are helpful for pregnancy and birth called the Red Thread sessions which help clear the path to birth emotionally.

The favorite one being The connection to the Unborn Baby which is a lovely session where there is a connection made with the baby which can be very helpful in labour and for first few months of motherhood.

This work is profound yet very subtle as it is working in the energetic field much like Homeopathy for the physical body this is like homeopathy for the emotional body.

I have found it personally life changing as I have experienced it but everyone will have their own experience of it.

Ideally one should have 3 to 4 sessions of the Red Thread Series to really access and feel the depth of the work but for toe dipping. The Unborn Baby session is highly recommended for all pregnant women.